I translate and edit copy for various customers. The following are a selection of the projects I have worked on.


  • Editing and proofing annual reports for a number of major international companies 
  • Translating and editing for a major management consultancy


  • Translating a newsletter, brochures, booklets and general marketing texts for a fasting clinic
  • Translating a regular online journal for a pet food brand
  • Translating websites, e.g. for hotels, a PR agency, a translation agency, a university department, and a publisher
  • Translating a brochure for an exhibition on the history of fashion for Sigmaringen Castle
  • Translating press releases for a manufacturer of photographic lenses


  • Translating articles for several tourist magazines in the region of Lake Constance and Saxony.
  • Translating tourism brochures for local authorities
  • Translating an illustrated book on the House of Hohenzollern
  • Translating a quarterly customer magazine for a major travel company
  • Translating information panels for the cathedral in Constance